We're at the point in which documentaries that deal with serious Street Fighters are starting to become somewhat familiar territory, whether they be the focal point or simply part of the background. So the first FINALROUNDBATS "mini documentary" immediately sets itself from the pack with it's ultra stylish look, equally excellent use of sound design, and most important of all, subject matter.

The tournament that's the heart of it all is the brainchild of Scott Popular, who has been running FINALROUNDBATS for the past 15 years in Tokyo. It's defined as a "series of American style monthly video game events in Japan" where gamers who are either living or just happen to be visiting Japan at the month are encourages to socialized plus play games of course.

The winner of each tournament is apparently sent to Atlanta, Georgia (where Popular is from originally, apparently) to compete in yet another tournament called FINAL ROUND (which Popular is also involved with, or so one might guess). As Popular notes, his master plan is to "infiltrate and take somebody from the American game [scene]... And I'm not riding a Trojan horse, I'm just saying... That's what I'm here to do, to put together a team, and I'm supporting my team. I know I'm American, but I'm supporting my Japanese team."

The next tournament takes place this Saturday, July 9th, and all info can be found via this blog post. And be sure to check out the super sexy flyer for the mini doc (it is assumed and hoped that more are forthcoming) after the break.


[Via Kotaku]