Square Enix is developing its first Final Fantasy title for the Nintendo 3DS! Hooray! It's a "theater rhythm action" game! Hoo-- wait, huh?

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy -- a name no doubt dreamed up by Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya "Dissidia 358/Duodecim" Nomura -- features all the familiar trappings of a Final Fantasy game, but battles play out as a series of rhythm-based minigames. Jump magazine reports that the game's soundtrack includes several memorable tunes from throughout the Final Fantasy series, and playable characters include Lightning and Cloud Strife, in chibi form.

It all sounds a little bit too much like Funky Fantasy, a Web 1.0 April Fools' joke that also featured chibified Final Fantasy characters doing unnatural things to the beat of a background music track. Theatrhythm's reveal missed the joke's tenth anniversary by a couple of months, however, which makes one wonder if it could maybe, possibly, potentially...be a real game? Square Enix has yet to officially announce Theatrhythm, but I suppose we'll find out soon enough.

[via Andriasang]