For my birthday today, the internet has been kind enough to gift me (and the rest of the world, I suppose) with the release of two roguelikes: Gaslamp Games' Dungeons of Dredmor for Windows/Mac, and a Mac version of Derek Yu's Spelunky. Truly, today is a day of celebration.

Okay, so Dungeons of Dredmor actually hit Steam ($5) yesterday, but who am I to hold it against Gaslamp for showing up to the party early. It's a graphical dungeon crawler with a humorous tone, a point-and-click interface, a crafting system, traps, and more.

Spelunky for Mac is the same lauded, action-platforming roguelike that's on the PC version -- not the remake coming to XBLA --and it's free! Thanks, Derek and Leon (who made the unofficial port)! You really shouldn't have... but I'm glad you did.