The above piece is from Lamar Abrams, inspired by the time he was watching a pal of his play Sonic Unleashed. I can concur; that game feels just as tedious, tiresome, and unnecessary.

Anyway, what else has been making the rounds on Tumblr? You should all know the drill by now; simply check after the cut:

Hey, did you know there was an UmJammer Lammy strategy guide in Japan? Did you know the cover was super awesome? Via VGJUNK:


And hey, a shiba inu with a PlayStation controller! Isn't that just the cutest? Courtesy of Peter Berkman:


Meanwhile, here's something that some will find innocent, others questionable. But it features both a PC-FX and a Pippin, how could not post it?


This one is just pain weird: "found this outside my sim's house. stood there for about an hour or two."


Something else found on the street, but in real life:


Also via Albotas, which asks why we can't just get along?


Another two-fer, courtesy of Brandon Boyer. First, a sneak peak of a piece for an upcoming exhibition, by Ghostpatrol:


And here's a Adventure Time X Sword & Sworcery mash-up that he spotted in the Kotaku comments section of their write-up of Juegos Rancheros write-up:


I know comparatively speaking, this straightforward image of the cover art to Gradius 1 is boring, but I think it's an excellent reminder of how kick-ass it still is. Thanks Game & Graphics!


Then you have all the stuff that FM Towns Marty posts that most of us will never know about:


Just one of numerous sad Pokemon, highlighted by 10uhclock:


The following requires some explaining: there's an anime in Japan called Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko that has a bunch of Mother references (there's even a scene in which there's Super Mario Kart with Mr. Saturn as the role of Lakitu):



And one more from Lamar. I absolutely love Eric's confused reaction towards it: "i just don't get it! you can't play a game boy like that" But that's what makes it funny!


Finally, just a taste of the one thing that's been blowing both me and Peter Berkman's mind all week. I really hope this game that No Money Down is supposedly making is real: