Did you rack up a few hundred dollars' worth of Nintendo-published game purchases last year? Did you remember to register them at Club Nintendo? Did you return later to fill out surveys for each one? Great! As a reward for your loyalty, Nintendo shall bestow upon you this limited-edition set of commemorative Mario pins.

Each of the 25 pins features a character sprite from Super Mario Bros. Given the ridiculous amount of Nintendo products you'd need to buy in order to get this set, you might be hesitant to use them as they're intended, but they display nicely in a series of rectangular boxes that can be configured to display one of three sprites.

Previous Club Nintendo awards include this beautiful Mario statue and a plush novelty Mario hat, which Nintendo warns is "not designed to function as a hat." Fair-weather Club Nintendo members who bought a mere several Nintendo games in 2010 will instead receive a consolation desktop calendar. Both prizes must be redeemed by July 31st.