The Philadelphia Japan Arts Matsuri -- a three-day festival dedicated to Japanese music, film, and art -- kicks off tomorrow at the Prince Music Theater with movie screenings of Naoki Kato's Abraxas and Takashi Miike's latest work Ninja Kids.

Gamers will get a kick out of Friday's offerings, as there will be Japanese arcade titles, a screening for Game Center CX/Retro Game Mster, and chiptune performances by Ro-Bear, DJ Cutman, Data Parade, and Chipocrite.

Other planned film screenings include Yakuza Weapon, (with cast and crew in attendance), Live From Tokyo, 8,000 Miles, and 8,000 Miles 2: Girl Rappers. Grab your tickets here -- all proceeds will benefit the Philadelphia-Japan Disaster Relief Fund.

[Via @thesimplicity]