Carpe Fulgur is working on more than one localization project after the success of last year's item shop RPG Reccetear. Along with translating 3D hack-and-slash action-adventure title Chantelise, the doujin publisher is tackling Lizsoft's sidescrolling RPG Fortune Summoners.

Released in Japan back in 2007, Fortune Summoners is said to be reminiscent of the original Ys III. RPGFan, which caught wind of the announcement at this weekend's Anime Expo, offered the following description for the game:

"Players take control of three different characters: Arche the swordswoman, Sana the water mage, and Stella the fire mage. Each girl has her own unique abilities, and players can switch between them on the fly.

The game sports bright, anime-inspired visuals, featuring charming 2D sprites mixed with dazzling particle effects for special attacks. Dungeons are huge and will require the player to make use of all three characters to solve puzzles."

There's no release date or pricing information yet, but you won't have to wait long for a new translated game from Carpe Fulgur, as it intends to put out Chantelise before the end of the month.