UK-based studio Doublesix announced a follow-up to its very fun arena shooter Burn Zombie Burn, titled All Zombies Must Die (not to be confused with All Orcs Must Die -- lots of bloodlust to go around lately, it seems), coming to PSN and PCs in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Up to four players can drop into different characters -- "a gamer, a girl, a mad scientist, and an alien" -- to dispatch billions of zombies with weapons like the Dragon's Breath Shotgun, Odin's Toothpick Katana, and the Magma Storm Assault Rifle.

All Zombies Must Die will also introduce RPG elements like character leveling, weapons crafting, and quests to the comic-style, arena combat game. What about this doesn't sound perfect? What more could you ask for? Real talk, this looks like the zombie's knees.