When Malmö-based Simogo debuted Bumpy Road, its "love story on four wheels", the game was so adorable I just wanted to pinch its cheeks. It essentially had you using the touchscreen to guide an elderly couple out on a leisurely drive, bumping them away from obstacles and to platforms.

And when Simogo released its Sunday Trip Deluxe update last month, I wanted to pinch those cheeks even harder, as it added new tracks, achievements,leaderboards, and a Brake Gizmo to the game for free. And now the developer is doubling the amount of content in Bumpy Road with another update!

With The Autumn Years, players will have a new road to travel (Evergreen Ride Autumn), 220 new level segments with three new platform types (elevators, conveyor belts, and flips), new background art and city parts, new music, and new Game Center achievements and leaderboards, all for free.

If I was actually doing any pinching here, Bumpy Road's face would look bruised right now, it's cheeks blue and purple from all my squeezing and cooing, "You are too cute. You are too cute. Yes you are. You are too cute. A boogaboogaboo. You are the mayor of cute town, and I love you forever."