For those trying to keep track of all the video game related documentaries that are currently in production, time to add another to the list. The latest comes from LA based Animatronic Ackbar and appears to be all over the place, which is maybe understandable, given that it's about gaming culture as a whole.

The trailer, which will also be screened at the aforementioned EVO 2011, has it all: fighting game tournaments, cosplay, the chiptunes scene, the current state of arcades, even pinball is touched upon. It's perhaps worth noting how, because everyone's essentially dipping into the same well, we're starting to see plenty of crossover. Such as the appearance of Mike Ross, star of yet another documentary that's primarily about street fighting called Focus. As well as footage from Blip Fest, which aside from being the centerpiece in the definite chiptunes documentary Reformat The Planet, can be seen in plenty of others.

After the cut is a teaser that was released a few months ago and which primarily deals with fighting tournament side of things. Thus far, no release date has been given.