[GameSetWatch rounds up the latest news in the world of App Store gaming, featuring standout releases like Blobster, Pocket RPG, 9mm, and Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure.]

- Crescent Moon Games Launches Pocket RPG for iPad
Rimelands and Gears developer Crescent Moon Games adds a Diablo-like dungeon crawler to its App Store catalog, boasting multiple character classes and unlockable skills.

- Space Invaders Infinity Gene Creator Unveils New Game
"Reisuke Ishida, the man behind Taito's acclaimed Space Invaders Infinity Gene revival for iOS/PSN/XBLA, is working on a new title called Groove Coaster, which the Japanese developer promises will be 'an exhilirating next-gen groove game'."

- Chillingo's Latest: Physics Puzzler Blobster
Prolific App Store publisher Chillingo's latest offering is Blobster, a well-received and fast-selling physics puzzler from developer Divine Robot.

- Classic RTS 'Z' Gets iOS Port
The Bitmap Brothers' comedic real-time strategy title Z arrives on iOS, complete with all content featured in the original 1996 PC version.

- Smartphone Physical Controller iControlPad Now Shipping
"After numerous teases, delays, and no-shows from multiple accessory manufacturers, smartphone owners finally have a gamepad accessory in the iControlPad, which is now shipping to preorder customers."

- Gameloft's 9mm Now in App Store
Taking its cues from Max Payne and the Grand Theft Auto series, Gameloft's 9mm boasts a series of slow-motion shootouts and brawling sequences.

- Five-Year-Old's Debut Game Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure Arrives on iPad
"The iPad version of Ponycorn Adventure is a faithful adaptation of the original Flash game, featuring HD crayon drawings, full voice acting, and five collectable Ponycorns."