Miss-matched couples that only someone who dabbles in fan-fiction could conjure up, and then later illustrated in the form of some wacky tribute video, are admittedly dime a dozen. But the one above deserves special attention.

First off, the idea of Cloud from Final Fantasy 7's dead girlfriend falling for Batman's number one adversary (as portrayed by the also dearly departed Heath Ledger... sorry Mr. Nicholson) is pretty insane all by itself. Though the level of production quality, something that's often lacking in such mash-ups -- unless we're talking about a MAD clip via Nico Nico Douga from Japan -- is flat-out impressive.

Now, as everyone already knows, the real fun with any quality YouTube clip lies within the comments section, especially when a nerve has been struck. Unfortunately, ever negative comment posted is quickly deleted, though one lone voice of dissension remains:

"I'm a big fan of Batman and FF7. That having been said, I trust you don't think I'm trying to troll you. But honestly, there is no way on Earth, that Aeris would ever fall for a sociopath, anarchist killer like Joker. Just wouldn't happen. And the Joker, why, he dosen't love at all, save only the occasional longing for Harley Quinn, who shares in his madness. I do have to say though, this was good editing."

Again, the technical aspects are impossible to deny.