Next Friday (July 15), indie games arcade Babycastles will host a show full of games with "themes of alt sexuality" curated by Gamasutra contributor and former GameSetWatch columnist Leigh Alexander, presenting provacative titles from indie developers like Anna Anthropy and Nicola Chud.

The game slated to appear at the show include the following:

  • Lesbian Spider Queens Of Mars by Anna Anthropy - Mars' lovely half-arachnid royal must crush her female slave rebellion, and everyone is topless. Classic arcade stuff.
  • Mighty Jill Off by Anna Anthropy - Jill will face great peril to earn her way back under the Queen's boot.
  • Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer by Nicolau Chaud - A fascinatingly creepy turn through the mind of a romantic serial killer.
  • Hey, Baby by LadyKillas Inc. - Ladies, if you ever wanted to blow a catcaller's brains out, now you can.
  • Yin-Yang: X-Change Alternative by Crowd - An animated interactive story about a boy who can switch his gender in order to have graphic relations with everyone in his school.
Bad Bitches will also feature live music from charmingly named performers like Easter Vomit, Teen Witch, Kool A.D. (Victor Das Racist), and OJ Xray Eyeballs... You can look up more info on the all-ages show, and RSVP at this Facebook event page.