If for some reason you're looking for alternate packaging to adorn your Marvel superhero games on the Genesis/Mega Drive, Digital Press forumer Djshok has you covered (hur hur) for a few releases: X-Men, The Punisher, The Incredible Hulk, and Maximum Carnage.

They're not perfect -- I prefer the thicker, War Zone-style Punisher to the slimmer, widow's peak-ed version of the vigilante, for instance -- but it's crazy to see someone is making these almost 20 years after the original release for these games.

Also, it reminded me that I need to go back and try to beat X-Men, which was a pretty decent two-player game from what I can recall, even though I hardly ever made it past Excalibur Lighthouse, and never saw the stages beyond past Ahab's World.

Anyway, you can download the covers for both Mega Drive boxes and Universal Video Game Cases at this Digital Press thread. There's also complementary cartridge stickers if you want to use those, too.