Generally speaking, if you make a mistake and die in a game, there's no real consequence; just try again and hope to do better. But with GlitchHiker, by indie game collective Vlambeer, the stakes were far higher. Play poorly, and it affected the performance of the game itself. Each life lost added another glitch, making it harder to play, which ultimately led to everything going completely dead.

The recipient of the Jury + Audience Awards at the Netherlands Global Game Jam 2011, it never actually lasted the entire event. The game's backend had its own set of lives, and every time a player lost one of his or hers, so did GlitchHiker itself. Players were able to prolong the life of the game by earning 1UPs, which also added to the behind the scenes numbers, but it wasn't enough in the end. The first game occurred at 3:00pm, and the very last session went down at 10:41 that same evening, before becoming completely inoperative .

Apparently one could have downloaded the game here, but since the backend (called the "SYSTEM", which is essentially some database online) is no more, it won't work. At least there's footage of GlitchHiker while it still existed after the cut. A real shame it's a goner because that chiptunes soundtrack is pretty nifty.

[via Gamefreaks]