Another Kickstarter head's up: the husband wife team of Burton and Becca Posey are putting together their first game, Robots Love Ice Cream for the iPad, and could use some help. The premise is fairly simple and cute: you're an ice cream truck driver whose route spans the galaxy, and as the title implies, robots are out to steal your frozen treats.

The real draw is here is the control mechanics; in lieu of direct movement of the truck, swiping the screen back and forth will shift the environment around. As for dealing damage, taping the screen will direct where shots should go. In addition to collectable toys, classic shumps was cited as inspiration. If the Missile Command vibe wasn't convincing enough, how about the U.N. Squadron for the SNES box on Burton's desk?

The duo has made good progress thus far, but need extra creative assistance to fine tune and polish the package. This includes a soundtrack by chiputune artist Disasterpiece and MisfitChris, who dabbles in the genre of "fakebit". Additional tools and promotion will also be acquired if they reach their goal. Which at this point is somewhat in question: with a little over than 30 hours to go, they're a little over $7,000 short. To chip in, head on over to the Kickstarter page.