For those of you who thought the 8-bit tie was a good idea (or better yet, actually got one and need something to accessorize it with), behold the 8-bit glasses. Produced by SAMAL Design, each handmade in France and produced from acetate. It's always fun hearing the manufacturer try and shill such things, with this instance being no exception...

"These futuristic glasses have been designed with a pixelated effect, deliberately reflecting society’s fascination with an "informational aesthetic". The design clearly refers for late 1980s computerized graphics and video games such as Tetris. While computer images and graphics have been revolutionized over the past two decades, these glasses are reminiscent of society’s digital roots and how technology has inspired almost everything in use today. Even something as utilitarian as glasses can be transformed using technology."
Indeed. There are two models to chose from, 5dpi and 6dpi, and every design in either family costs 198 Euros, or $288 American. Which sounds astronomical, but most designer sunglasses cost a pretty penny. Though one has to wonder if it's too little, too late to cash in on the popular "Deal With It" meme.

[via it8bit]