So Nintendo's currently going through a phase of remaking classic NES titles for the 3DSWave marketplace. They've softened us up with Excitebike and Namco's Xevious is coming up soon, so what do they surprise us with next?

Urban Champion.

A lot of people remember playing Urban Champion, but nobody remembers it for being.. well, good. An incredibly simple "fighting game" (Nintendo's first, in fact) in which you swap punches with other dudes hanging out on street corners, smashing them into the next screen until they fall down a sewer manhole.

While the game does have some history, it's considered one of the most dull Nintendo games out there, at the time being best for a rental, and certainly not something you'd want to keep in your collection. The fact that Nintendo even bothered is kind of disheartening.

Do Donkey Kong, or Duck Hunt, or something!