One of the numerous announcements made at Nintendo's E3 presentation, during the early Zelda portion to be exact, was word of a series of symphony concerts that would help celebrate the 25th anniversary of the franchise. Details have finally emerged for the very first of an undisclosed number of performances.

The initial concert will take place on October 10th in Japan, Tokyo's Sumida Triphony Hall. Conductor Taizo Takemoto will lead the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra in various orchestral renditions of classic Zelda tunes, similar to how the press event took place. Tickets go on sale on June 16 with "A seats" costing 1,500 yen and "S seats" going for 3,000 yen. Apparently, those who purchase a copy of the upcoming Ocarina of Time 3D will get first dibs at seats, or something to that effect.

No further details are available, such as other dates (it was claimed that every corner of the world will get concerts of their own), or what exactly to expect from the performance itself. Will there be theatrics and other bits of fan service, similar to Video Games Live, or will it be a simple, straightforward event? Something tells me that Nintendo will want something on the classy side, though there's also a good chance that Miyamoto might make an appearance, just as he did when Nintendo last held a big musical showcase. Though one has to wonder if he's as good with a violin as he is with the guitar.

Elsewhere in video game music news, it was also recently disclosed that Korn will be doing the theme to the upcoming Silent Hill: Downpour. Needless to say, longtime fans of the series, primarily Akira Yamaoka’s contributions, are not happy with such news, at least here in America. I personally have no idea if the band has any sort of following in Japan, but if the response is as positive's to Wingers' contribution to the Daytona USA 2 soundtrack, one will shortly be forthcoming.

[via GoNintendo & Twitter]