One of the primary forces behind Sega's legacy has joined forces with Premium Agency. Whereas Sonic put Sega's name on the console gaming map, it was After Burner, Hang On, Virtua Racing, and Virtua Fighter -- all Yu Suzuki produced efforts -- that cemented its reputation in the arcades. And it is assumed that Suzuki's new boss is optimistic for similar success, as he assumes the role of overall producer for the production house’s game development division.

Premium Agency CEO Katsunori Yamaji, who also once worked at Sega, alongside Suzuki on Shenmue to be precise, hopes that his former boss will help develop games for international titles, as well as provide valuable guidance to the younger creators that company already employs. No specific titles have been announced, but in addition to working on both next-gen consoles and smartphones, there is the possibility that Suzuki might be involved with a new fighting game for the Kinect that his firm is developing. No word yet if it's something that was already in production that he'll be assisting or based upon a concept of his.

News of a possible Kinect fighter has already elicited groans from those who simply want Shenmue 3. Though anyone truly familiar with Suzuki's career should be hardly surprised; back when the DS was still relatively new, and well before the iPhone made touchscreen gaming explode, he produced a touch-based fighter for the arcade called Psy-Phi. Unfortunately little is known about this quietly cancelled project, aside from the woefully out-of-date Wikipedia page and only a handful of YouTube videos, the best of which I could find, is behind the cut.

[via Andriasang]