Four months since we first featured A Jolly Corpse's co-op puzzler Wyv and Keep: The Temple of the Lost Idol, and the game now has a playable Windows demo! (it's also planned for other platforms in the future, though Windows will release first).

If you need reminding about what this title is -- we tend to feature a lot of indie puzzle platformers here -- it's a 16-bit-style, Lost Vikings-inspired title that has you controlling two treasure hunting thieves as they search for an ancient temple in the jungle.

You can play alone, or you can bring in a friend to help out as you take advantage of "team-based puzzle solving to advance the daring Wyv and the cunning and beautiful Keep through an exciting, trap-filled world."

Wyv and Keep's demo is available here, and you can also pre-order to receive access to private and beta releases, newsletters, the level editor, and more.