wormscrazygolf1.jpgAmidst all the E3 fuss, the rating boards continue to flourish with information. A couple of weeks ago we revealed Worms: Ultimate Mayhem was coming to XBLA and PSN, now another game is coming to the PlayStation Network.

Worms Crazy Golf has been rated by the German USK Rating Board, currently only for the PlayStation Network, but other ratings occasionally get delayed. Previously Worms Crazy Golf was a game seen on Java phones, using the 2D Worms engine for a side-scrolling mini-golf title. It was not even developed by Team17, but by the now-defunct Rockpool games. Now it seems that Team 17 are giving the game a go on their own, and it's coming to consoles.

This would mark two new Worms titles coming to consoles this year from the studio, hopefully they don't end up over exposing the brand too much.