Toy and Television Games says it spent some 300 hours researching and prototyping the first launch product it intended to sell -- this very odd Game Boy Advance Arcade Tabletop, which looks like a GBA and arcade controls installed on Donkey Konga Bongos.

TTG, which is selling this on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $399.99, points out that those aren't bongos, though; that's stained Acacia wood, which were chosen for "durability and pleasant visual accoustics". The piece holding it together is American Steel.

The system has been refurbished, too, with a new Black body shell and a viewing glass that has no scratches or marks. You'll notice the D-pad and other action buttons have been removed and plated over (the Start/Select/Light buttons are still functional).

"Here, form follows function," explains TTG. "This machine is all business, there is nothing here that is not needed. Built from scratch with heavy-duty materials, arcade joystick and buttons, designed for extended play and use. It fits perfectly on your lap or coffee table."

The system can still be linked to other GBAs, and works with a Game Cube and GBA Player if you want to set this up on a television. Whoever buys this will also receive a pocket amplifier and a boxed imported copy of Street Fighter 2 Turbo Revival.

I hope someone buys this, and TTG is motivated to make more, as it certainly looks like a curious thing to own (definitely a conversation piece), but I think I'll wait for a model that isn't $400.

[Via GBAtemp]