One of the true classics in annals of video game related cinema, 1983's WarGames, is being remade for today's audience. The original concerns a computer wiz kid who infiltrates a video game company's network to play their games before anyone else gets the chance, or so he believes that’s what is happening. Turns out that it's actually a military supercomputer that the U.S. uses to keep on the enemy and ensure global piece, with his fun and games almost causing the entire world to go up in one gigantic mushroom cloud.

Little is know about the reboot, other than it's a safe bet that all the recent headlines that hackers of today have been making find their way in, especially given their connection to the world of electronic entertainment. Plus how video games as the basis of simulations for very real world situations is practically the norm. Though one thing is definite: it's to be directed by Seth Gordon, whose most successful work to date is King of Kong (which I believe to be the best video game documentary around, at the time of its release at least).

After King of Kong, Gordon helmed a Hollywood comedy, Four Christmases, which was a total bomb. His latest comes out in two weeks, Horrible Bosses, which looks okay by pedestrian Hollywood comedic standards. So it might be for the best to have him return to something he's proven himself with; video games and the people that are caught in the middle. Besides, Gordon has also demonstrated an affinity for hacking; not long ago he directed a series of mini documentaries that center on the struggle that internet security experts face.

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