Another Apes movie is on the way, Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes to be exact. Speaking as someone who was mortified by the Tim Burton remake, this new one looks actually not that bad? Anyway, like many summer Hollywood flicks, there's a viral marketing thing going on.

I'm assuming when the battle cry is heard near the end of the movie, the chimp will somewhat get his or her hands on a real gun, and while looking down the barrel of his soon to be former human overlord, the frazzled scientist in a last ditch effort to remind her former simian test subject of the bond they once shared will attempt to pass along with shaky hands a DS (maybe a 3DS). One that's running some goofy Japanese virtual monkey simulator that ends up being the final straw, and the trigger is pulled. Or something like that.

My favorite Youtube comment thus far would have to be: "not fake.. im in the clan with that ape.. he's good as sh*t"