Not too long ago, a pair of Converse All-Stars with Mario adorning them was introduced. The due date given was this summer, sometime in July to be exact. Well, two additional designs have just been unveiled, which are coming shortly after the first round, in August.

As everyone can see, instead of just a pattern of sprites against a static backdrop, we're now treated to actual scenes from the first Super Mario Bros. Personally, as nice as they may look, it's not as subtle when compared to the initial offerings, plus a bit too "HEY LOOK, I LIKE VIDEO GAMES!" for my tastes. But those are my tastes alone.

What I don't get is why we haven't seen Converse X Sonic The Hedgehog as of yet. After all, he's all about the shoes, it's the only thing he wears. Though come to think of it, what he wears more closely resembles a pair of Adidas, plus Chucks were never that geared towards running anyway. If an Adidas X Sonic collaboration doesn't happen this year, for this 20th Anniversary, it'll be a flat out shame.

[via Highsnobiety]