Not long ago we had the first look at a brand new Tron: Legacy machine from Stern Pinball. It was mentioned that it's coming out in June, and the time has finally come, with New Yorkers getting the first chance to put the new game through its paces.

This Friday is the NYC Stern Tron: Legacy Launch Party, which takes place at Reciprocal Skateboards, on 402 E 11th Street in Manhattan. The centerpiece of the celebration is a tournament that starts at 8 and goes "til our fingers bleed". It costs 5 bucks to enter, with all proceeds going to the winners, though various other items are also up for grabs, like shirts and similar bits of swag.

The gathering is also a BYOB affair, though plenty of pizza has been promised. For more info, simply refer to the Facebook event page. Thanks to Steve for the head's up!

In other Tron related news, a most excellent (and super accurate) looking papercraft version of the Space Paranoids arcade game from the first movie was recently revealed by artist CyberDrone...


[via Super Punch]