[In this weekly feature, GameSetWatch rounds up the week's most popular paid and free iPhone and iPod Touch games, as current on the iTunes App Store.]

This week's top paid iPhone and iPod Touch game titles on the App Store, as captured on June 20th 2011, are as follows:

1. Hanging With Friends ($0.99)
2. Angry Birds ($0.99)
3. Words With Friends ($2.99)
4. Angry Birds Rio ($0.99)
5. Fruit Ninja ($0.99)
6. Tiny Wings ($0.99)
7. Cut the Rope ($0.99)
8. Tetris ($0.99)
9. Angry Birds Seasons ($0.99)
10. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 ($0.99)

Newtoy's multiplayer word game Hanging With Friends rises to the top of the iPhone's paid charts after a fast-selling debut last week, overtaking Angry Birds in today's results.

Hanging With Friends' predecessor Words With Friends also sees a jump in popularity, while former top sellers Pocket God: Journey to Uranus and Feed Me Oil disappear from the top ten after strong recent showings.

Here are this week's top free iPhone and iPod Touch games:

1. Burn the Rope
2. Hanging With Friends Free
3. Army of Darkness Defense
4. Dune Rider
5. Top Girl
6. Strike Knight
7. Angry Birds Rio Free
8. Shape Shift
9. Polar Puzzles Lite
10. Bunny Shooter Free

Big Blue Bubble's App Store hit Burn the Rope leads today's rankings during a limited-time free download promotion. An ad-supported version of Hanging With Friends follows at second place, as Backflip's Army of Darkness Defense takes third.

Geek Beach's Dune Rider and Crowdstar's Top Girl also place in the top five this week, pushing recent hits like Strike Knight and Shape Shift to the bottom half of the top ten.