What you see above is the first ten minutes or so of the upcoming WiiWare remake of La-Mulana. The wait for it's debut has been a lengthy one, but each new morsel has demonstrated that it'll all be worthwhile, and this is by far the most satisfying taste of things to comet.

For starters, the graphical and audio upgrades are simply superb; everything has been skillfully and tastefully enchanted. Not that there was any real fear, but it's just nice to see it all come together in the course of actual gameplay, since the basic point of trailers is to accentuate the positives and downplay any negatives.

Though the jury is still out until it lands in everyone's hands. Some might appreciate a few of the other changes shown displayed, especially as it pertains to some of the puzzles and ability to save underground, especially for those of us who loved the PC version but weren't very good at it. Though I can also see diehard fans of the original crying foul since extremely difficulty has always been one of its defining attributes.

[via Nobuooo]