When Udon announced Mega Man Tributes, hundreds upon hundreds answered the call and submitted their works of fan art, hopeful for the chance that they'd make into the final, published product. The book, due later this summer, will be 300 pages big and it's assumed that every square single inch will be dedicated to the very best that came Udon's way.

But what about the ones that didn't make the cut? They still have a chance for glory thanks to Soul-Rokkuman, the driving force behind the Art Buster Fan Book Project. He seeks to compile all the rejected work into some kind of digital format (while not formally announced, PDF seems to be one that might end up being chosen).

One of the key tenets behind the initiative is to feature work regardless of artist ability or skill level behind the brush of wacom tablet. All that maters is that whoever simply loves the characters and games, period. Which means the end result might be quite the sight to behold to say the least. For those interested, this blog entry has all the details, though I'll just reiterate the most important point, since it's in bold: "If you want to do a new pic for this book, YAOI, YURY, HENTAI, FURRY AND FANCHARACTERS are NOT allowed."

[via Rockman Corner]