The spiritual sequel to Rez, Child of Eden, was released a few days ago across the globe, and to mark the occasion in UK, a special pop-up shop was opened in its honor. Called the Child of Eden Experience, it was established simply because the game defies convention, and therefore needs special care and attention when being sold to the public. According to Ubisoft brand manager Jan Sanghera: "[the game] has to be played to be believed."

The space contains a number of game trial rooms, each with an impressive AV set-up, along with another area that's designated for demonstrations, which also allows one the chance to relax by enjoying the soundtrack that's piped throughout and watching those in the aforementioned trail rooms give it a go (via remote cameras). The Xbox 360 version is the one that's on display since the PS3 version is still being worked on, but even still, the former's Kinect functionality makes it most appropriate in such a setting it would seem.

The address is 34-35 Dean Street, London, W1D 4PR, is open "from midday" to 8pm, and will be around until June 22. There's also a deal in which, if one checks into the shop via Facebook, they get a free shirt at the local GAME (the UK's version of Gamestop). Additional pics available after the cut.





Needless to say, this is a whole new way of selling a game, and quite the shock from Ubisoft. Let's be honest; their track record when it comes to promoting games, primarily titles from Japan have been piss poor. Lest we forget the nonexistent push for both No More Heroes 1 & 2, and the same for Senko No Ronde, which also received horrible box art and an even worse name change (the exceedingly generic WarTech). And given how difficult Child of Eden's predecessor was to market (which was handled by Sega themselves, though considering what rough shape they were in around late 2001, that's hardly a shocker), it's nice to see Ubi finally step up to the plate.

[via Destructoid]