Have you ever really seen a rainbow? Have you ever really touched the blue, blue sky? Well, here's your chance. Techno Kitten Adventure has been relaunched for the Xbox Live Indie Games service, boasting new gameplay modes and ports for iOS and Windows Phone 7.

Techno Kitten Adventure caused a brief sensation when it was originally released last year, blending simple autoscrolling gameplay with a hyperactive techno soundtrack and a barrage of visual non-sequiturs. While it made a stunning first impression, the game was rough around the edges, offering little depth once the novelty wore off.

Now, however, Techno Kitten Adventure is a visual powerhouse of glittery obstacles, distracting laser light shows, and rainbows, rainbows, rainbows. Two unlockable gameplay modes join the classic "jetpack kitteh" mode, each of which features new playable characters and new background music. Don't worry, though -- Frisco's enduring techno classic "Sea of Love" is still in the game, along with Styles & Breeze's "You're Shining" and Re-Con's "Like a Rainbow."