To promote the August release of Deus Ex: Human Revolution -- which has received a bit of praise already for its own unique visual style -- Square Enix has commissioned a series of artists from different fields (e.g. graffiti, photography) to create pieces based on the game.

The artwork, which will consist of poster-style images, will be inspired by Human Revolution's pro-augmentation or anti-augmentation factions, exploring the futuristic game's theme of "dealing with the moral and ethical perils of artificial body augmentation "

The contributing artists include 3rassiere, Estevan Oriol, Eyeone, Jeremy Fish, Jorge Alderete, N8 Van Dyke, Rico Deniro, Robert Abeyta Jr., and Sam Flores. Their works will debut at New York City's Wooster Street Social Club on July 28, and will run for two weeks.

As is our usual routine, we'll throw some of their pieces on here as they appear online!