Director Eddie Lebron, who helmed a Mega Man fan flick that received quite a bit of attention during its time, has a new project on his plate. It's a Sonic The Hedgehog fan flick, which has been in production since late last year, but at last we're getting our first look at the project.

The short will ambitiously attempt to "implement various elements of the Sonic mythology ranging from the cartoons, comics, and most importantly, the video games." The director has also stated that most of the action and story will be based upon the first three Genesis games. The film itself is live-action, with Sonic being a fully rendered CGI character, and the key selling point being the voice behind the hedgehog. Jaleel White will once again be assuming the role, as he's done so already for so many different occasions.

I suppose White must be elated to essentially be another Peter Cullen of sorts, aka the man who's synonymous with the role everyone primarily knows him by, that being the Autobot leader Optimus Prime. And much like the Prime we saw in the Michael Bay Transformers flick, I expect a similarly bizarre and potentially awkward mishmash in this new Sonic flick. Given how White has portrayed Sonic as a happy go lucky dude that's obsessed with chili dogs, the leader of a band of freedom fighters seeking to liberate animals from a fate of robotic slavery, and the front man of some band, it'll be interesting to see what elements both the director and actor chooses.

[via GoNintendo]