For whatever reason, Red Faction series developer Volition threatened to put a rainbow-farting unicorn in its upcoming sci-fi third-person shooter Red Faction: Armageddon if the demo version was downloaded more than one million times. Well, that happened.

"Mr. Toots" will be available as an unlockable weapon in Armageddon, set for release next week. Presumably a distant relative of the antimatter gun from Red Faction: Guerrilla, Mr. Toots decimates the opposition with a royal rainbow of destruction launched from between his fluffy butt cheeks. Remember: you did this.

I found it funny that Volition was responsible for both the relatively serious Red Faction series (ostrich hammers aside) and the over-the-top ridiculous Saints Row games, but I assume that this is the first step toward melding both franchises into one cohesive whole. I'm looking forward to the next Red Faction, in which new protagonist Mason Saint hoses down insurgent forces with Martian sewage.