Silver Dollar Games may be known (and lambasted by fellow XBLIG developers) for screwy Xbox Live Indie Games releases like Try Not To Fart, but the studio's next game, Fatal Seduction, takes a more serious and mature tone based on what we see here in this trailer -- NSFW due to some language, by the way!

It looks like a crudely drawn action sidescroller at first, but Silver Dollar says it's more of a "long, complete ghost story" translated into a game, narrated from the beginning to end by the "heroine", an 8-year-old girl named Emily Ritter who meets an angel that tells her to kill all the demons around her. 

The entire experience is presented through Emily's scrapbook, which is filled with her drawings, photographs, and whatever cut-out items have been pasted in there. As the drawings come to life and players kill those animated enemies to progress, Emily tells you her story through audio playing simultaneously.

"We wanted to try and present a story on Xbox Indie Games that wasn't like anything that people have seen before," explains the developer. Despite all the audio and artwork files, Silver Dollar says it's trying to keep Fatal Seduction at 50 MB and $1 (80 MS Points) for its planned release in early July.