Silver Dollar Games' output for the Xbox Live Indie Games service has been a little...unstable, as of late. After releasing the surprise mega-hit Don't B Nervous Talking 2 Girls (which even got a mention on Conan O'Brien's show, if you can believe it), the company followed up with bizarre releases like the non-interactive platformer Game 35, not-farting dexterity challenge Try Not to Fart, and the office worker suicide sim Office Affairs.

This week, Silver Dollar Games launched Why Did I Buy This?, a high-concept title in which players must successfully talk their way out of purchasing the latest Silver Dollar Games release.

Yes, really! The trial edition pits players against a persistent telemarketer who demands 80 Microsoft points for the full version of Why Did I Buy This? Branching dialog choices allow players to engage the telemarketer with rude or polite responses. After a long argument, the call is then escalated to company management, where the upsell continues unabated.

As Silver Dollar notes, "winning" the game is a losing proposition; if players give in to the telemarketer's demands and purchase the full version (which is a real Xbox Live transaction, involving real money), the reward is a screen saver application.