While not quite the household name that Mega64 is today, the Chicago-based collective known as The Gang might be on a similar path of success and stardom. If there's one thing the trailer above demonstrates, it's how the real deal might have enjoyed greater success if Lan Di was instead a shirtless white kid with a buzz cut, wearing a cape, and sporting a Superman logo on his chest.

Don't be fooled; the above is not a trailer to some full-length thing that doesn't exist. The entire movie can be found after the cut, which clocks in at a whopping one hour and forty-nine minutes. It follows all the major beats of the game fairly closely, with some creative license here and there. Example: instead of Ryo wasting valuable time on Hang-On at the arcade, he does at home with the Dreamcast (via the version found in Shenmue, naturally).

But that's not all; Gang Entertainment also has adaptations of Shenmue 2, and what they believe would have been the tale told in Shenmue 3. For those still seeking closure, this is as close as we're going to get. Furthermore, they also make games, including Shenmue: The Gang Edition RPG, which can be nabbed here.