Taking a break from releasing games like Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars and Mighty Jill Off, indie developer Anna "Auntie Pixelante" Anthropy has posted her findings from an in-depth study on "Which Animal Characters Are The Most Popular On Rule 34".

Rule #34, as Wikipedia defines it, is "If it exists, there is porn of it. No exceptions." There's actually a NSFW site dedicated to that rule, and Anthropy tallied the Animal Crossing images posted there to see which characters and species from the otherwise innocent game are the most desired.

She found that of all the characters from the GameCube/Wii/DS series, Sable Able, the shy porcupine seamstress who co-owns the Able Sisters shop, was the most popular figure immortalized by smut makers, followed by Tom Nook, Sable's sister Mabel, K.K. Slider, and hairdresser Harriet.

Anthropy speculates on the illustrators' infatuation with Sable:

"In the game, she initially ignores the player outright, focused silently on her work, but she gradually opens to the player about herself after many repeat visits over the course of many days.

This intimacy between the player and character that develops only after a long period of time and active pursuit seem to be reflected in a huge amount of player desire, in the form of smutty drawings starring the character."

You can see comparisons of the Nintendo life simulation's most popular species featured at the Rule 34 site after the break, and more detailed analysis on Animal Crossing porn at Anthropy's site.