Recently announced was a massive 20-disc package to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Seiken Densetsu, the series from which Final Fantasy Adventure and all the various Mana games have stemmed from. Well we finally have a look and it's a massive beauty.

There are actually 19 CDs and one DVD. Every track from every entry in the series is included, meaning some of the finest music to be produced by the original Game Boy, SNES, PSone, GBA, and DS have all been brought together. There have been two arranged releases in the past, and both present as well; the one for Secret of Mana is one continuous, 50-minute long track that still stands today as one of most eclectic and ambitious offerings from SquareSoft's stellar musical output at the time.

As for the lone movie disc, there's assorted interviews and an orchestral performance by Kenji Ito, Hiroki Kikuta, and Yoko Shimomura, the three men responsible for Seiken Densetsu's sound over the years. It comes out in Japan on September 14 for 21,000 yen.

In other news Square-Enix audio news, a special chiptunes release is also in the works, which again celebrates one half of the company's past. Not only is Seiken Densetsu honored, but Dew Prism (aka Threads of Fate), Romancing SaGa, Unlimited SaGa, Brave Fencer Musashi, Einhander, assorted Final Fantasy installments, and perhaps most exciting of all, Chrono Trigger as well. Details otherwise are sparse, such as if it'll feature the talents of in-house musicians or guest artists. In case of the latter, fingers crossed that they call up Hally, Saitone, and Naruto (the chiptuner, not the manga/anime character).


This second release also lands in September, on the 7th, and for a far more affordable price of 1890 yen.

[via Game Swag & GamePro]