The second installment of Ray Barnholt's SCROLL, described as "a zine about the coolness of video games", has just arrived. Number two is centered around Dragon Quest; not only is every core entry reviewed, but given a wonderfully illustrated tribute via the supremely talented assemblage of artists that Barnholt managed to wrangle. There's also a look at the origin of the JRPG, and recommendations for games and game soundtracks. Plus the effect that the earthquake in Japan has had on both the game industry and gamers is examined as well.

The best part is how the PDF version this time is completely free, which means there's really no excuse to not give it a shot. Though for those who prefer a printed copy, one can be purchased for the very reasonable price of $12.40. Which I'll definitely be going for, despite the fact that #1 arrived in a crumbled mess for me (which is why being a zine connoisseur when you live in Manhattan such as myself, in which we all have way too tiny mail boxes, often leads to heartbreak).

Of all the game zines that have popped up of late, SCROLL separates itself from the pack by combining personal musings and insight, and in a package that's reminiscent of game rags during the golden age for many. So there's an early 90s EGM/VideoGames & Computer Entertainment/Diehard Gamefan vibe throughout. The end result is something that's perhaps the most accessible of it's kind. To pick up the digital and/or hardcopy, simply head to its MagCloud page.

[via Tiny Cartridge]