It's understandable if you don't recall the first and very awesome Shinobido for PSP and PS2, as it never released in the States, but ninja/samurai game specialist Acquire (Tenchu series) has a sequel on the way for PS Vita that you will want to add on your list of exciting titles for the upcoming handheld.

The game is subtitles Tales of the Ninja, and by the look of this first trailer, those tales include running on walls, jumping on rooftops, and doing all sorts of acrobatics to sneaking up to dude before murdering them. It sounds like every other ninja game, true, but the quality of the first Shinobido has earned some goodwill.

There's no official announcement on whether Shinobido 2 will hit North America -- the publisher logo at the beginning is for Japanese firm Spike -- but with reports coming out this morning that PS Vita will be region-free, you might be able to play this even if it never comes to the U.S.

[Via Gembel]