"In the future, lawless biker gangs fight robots on the highways of freedom. This is the song they listen to as they do so."

Anna "Auntie Pixelante" Anthropy, she of Mighty Jill Off and Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars, posted this splendid animated music video she created for her friend Ronk. It's a bit NSFW due to some pixelart nudity, and a robot shooting lasers out of its nipples.

"[Ronk] suggested the video could be about grizzly bears, the videogame Streets of Rage, an alternate reality version of THE WARRIORS where the gangs theme themselves after internet memes instead of baseball fury," explains Anthropy. 

She says that after listening to the song, though, she "immediately realized it was about motorcycle gangs fighting robots in the future." Seeing the finished work, I have to agree. I especially like the close-upshot of the biker's sunglasses reflecting the skyline! (01:44)