My reaction to Danny's post about the possibility of Rhythm Heaven for Wii U was similar to that of Legend of Zelda: The HD Experience. Which is: looks awesome, but I'm not holding my breath for what I'm looking at to actually materialize in my living room.

Yet just a few short hours later, Nintendo revealed that the Wii version of Rhythm Heaven is coming to North America (release date TBA). Sure it may lack all the bells and whistles that the new hardware can provide, but it's Rhythm Heaven on a home console dammit. Prayers have finally been answered.

Besides, I'm confident that some might find the added point of view that the Wii U version offers to be unnecessary and a distraction. I speak of hardcore fans of the series who also believe the (Japan only) GBA original is far superior to the DS successor, because all the stylus action still can’t hold a candle to finely tuned button presses.