Starting this week and extending through July 12th, PopCap is hosting a series of eBay auctions for unique artwork and promotional items inspired by its casual games lineup, with all proceeds benefiting the Starlight Children's Foundation in the United States and SpecialEffect in the UK.

PopCap notes that its nearly 40 one-of-a-kind offerings include "a 6 foot-by-6 foot DJing Plants vs. Zombies painting and other sketches, a Zuma-themed ceramic tea set, a Peggle-themed ceramic sake set, original hand-drawn concept art from several of our franchises, and more."

I personally enjoy the folk art-inspired take on Peggle's unicorn mascot Bjorn here, painted by PopCap senior artist Monte Michaelis. All auctions are open for international bids, and new items will be added weekly.