What you see above is a surprisingly polished looking fan creation called Pokemon Type: Wild. The origins of the game is not exactly clear, but according to the person who uploaded the footage, his copy was acquired at the Pokemon Mega Tournament that went down this past weekend in LA. Amazed by the overall quality of the title, YouTube user shofu decided to share it with the rest of the world.

Not long after, a second video was posted, one that contained a download link plus installation and set-up instructions. Again, not much else is known about the game, other than it appears to be one of countless dōjin soft that hails from Japan, which often dares to answer questions like "what if there was a Pokemon X Street Fighter hybrid?" No doubt it was sold at a Comiket (Japan's version of Comic Con, where games like the above are commonly sold) and eventually found a way to America.

Though upon further investigation (mostly by searching YouTube), it would seem the game is relatively old and has been around since 2008 at least. But still, this might mark the first instance in which a physical copy has landed on these shores. I also wonder how many others aside from myself have a boxed copy of Scarlet Symphony, aka Castlevania X Project Touhou.

[via Gamepro]