The Xbox Live Indie Games platformer Platformance: Castle Pain may not have been a particularly lengthy game, but it more than made up for it with the sheer amount of deaths players racked up throughout the brief adventure. Taking its gameplay cues from abusive contemporaries like Super Meat Boy, Platformance featured one long, grueling level filled with obstacles, enemies, and instant-death traps.

The sequel, Platformance: Temple Death, hit XBLIG yesterday, and it easily exceeds the standard for difficulty set by its predecessor. Thankfully, the checkpoints are generous, and multiple difficulty levels keep the experience from becoming too frustrating.

I really like the single-level approach this series takes. Unlike similar games that are broken up into stages, Platformance feels like a grand adventure compressed into a small but satisfying gameplay slice. The zoom feature also helps to convey an impressive sense of scale, since it makes it easy to examine how much ground you've covered in just a few minutes of play. And like many of the best Xbox Live Indie Games out there, it's just a dollar.