Performance Artist Jordan Wayne Long is about set forth on a journey; on July 1 he will depart Bald Knob, Arkansas, and is scheduled to arrive in Portland, Oregon on July 7. The key detail here is how he'll be locked in a crate, with his only means of communication with the outside world being Lord of the Rings Online, which he'll be playing the entire time. He'll also be maintaining a blog about his experiences-- two to be exact. One that will detail what it's liked to be locked in a box that's moving cross-country for seven days straight, and the other focusing on Adanwings, his LOTRO character.

One of the goals behind the performance, which has been dubbed Box Shipment #2, is to study post traumatic stress disorder and one of its coping mechanisms, which is to become absorbed in online communities, like the ones provided by MMOs. The crate itself will be transported on the back of a truck that will be driven by Jordan's longtime friend and journalist Bradi Roberts and others. It will arrive at Fourteen30Contemporary, which is located at 922 SE Ankeny Street, again in Portland, to complete his journey/research/performance. Some of the finer details are a bit spare at the moment, such as how Jordan will eat and go to the bathroom, but I guess that's what the blogs are for. He'll also be tweeting his experiences as well.

All in all, a rather fascinating experiment that will no doubt be both educational and either intentionally or unintentionally entertaining (probably both). As well as risky; aside from how uncomfortable the trip is guaranteed to be, locked in such a confined space for such a long duration and all, but with temperatures being so high across the nation (it is officially summer), there could be other potential health hazards. Still, we don't know how confined he truly will be in the end.

[via Kotaku]