Continuing my crusade to feature every work-safe image that Paul Robertson creates, here's a new "Fire Bros" scene from the uber-skilled pixelartist that brings together many of the fire-type creatures from Pokemon, all looking like tough guys with their flames and their whatnot.

He also made a "Water Bros" scene that shows the pokeymen from the other end of the spectrum, splashing around the water and not looking nearly as intimidating. It'd be neat to stitch the two together to look like a Marvel '90s vs/crossover wraparound comic cover.

Also after the break, a trailer for the latest game Paul Robertson's contributing to, Wizorb. It's a 16-bit-esque Breakout game with RPG mechanics, helmed by Ninja Senki developer Jonathan "Pixeltao" Lavigne. It features a cameo from Tiny of Tiny Cartridge, my other site!

[Via Paul Robertson]