The clock is ticking for the Wii, with its successor on the horizon. Nintendo has stated multiple times that it's still 100% committed, but a quick look at its upcoming release schedule tells a different story: aside from Skyward Sword and a small handful of first party offerings, there's not much to look forward to. Especially frustrating is how there's a trio of quite superb looking RPGs that are seemingly stuck back home: Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, and Pandora's Tower. That's where Operation Rainfall comes into play.

The grassroots campaign's aim is to convince Nintendo Of America to bring them here. Given how the first two are due to be translated and released in Europe already, it's not an entirely hopeless goal (unlike similar efforts). The push will be done in three equal parts, one for each game. First up is for Xenoblade; in addition to a letter writing initiative, supporters managed to nab the top spot on Amazon's gaming pre-order list. For those unaware, Monado: Beginning Of The World was the name the US version of Xenoblade was appointed before all talk regarding its fate complete vanished among official channels many moons ago.

Other positive signs include an acknowledgement by Nintendo Of America that they've at least heard the message, plus support via Twitter from Soraya Saga (who wrote Xenoblade) and Mistwalker (which is behind Last Story). Hopefully things will all work out and Wii owners in North America will have three additional games to look forward to. Unfortunately, as it's been proven time and time again, Nintendo does what Nintendo does. We wish Operation Rainfall the best of luck!